Timber materials manufacturing, purchase, export and trade

Specialized in producing high quality birch firewood

Basic profile and main direction of our activity is manufacturing of dried lumber, surfaced timber.

The advantages of the enterprise are adaptability to customers’ needs and harvesting of specific lumber, its diversity and high quality.

Our company provides the supply of the highest quality lumber. The enterprise has been issued an FSC Chain of Custody Certificate; timber is classified in accordance with BS 4978 standard. Our company Latvian Timber ltd. is specialized in producing high quality birch firewood.

As we are producers ourselves, we can fully control the production process at all stages: from cutting wood through splitting, drying, packaging and delivery. This is the reason why we can offer our customers the most attractive prices and the best quality.

Our Company

Our main market areas are in:

* Norway
* Sweden
* Denmark
* Estonia
* Finland
* Germany
* Lithuania

Our clients are:

* individuals,
* retailers,
* shops,
* restaurants, bars and cafes.